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今週日曜日(4日)朝10時からレジデンスで滞在中の作家Jastin Lee(シンガポール)のワークショップを行います。これは昨年もおこなったKid’s AgainとStudio Kuraのコラボワークショップとして開催されます。Kid’s Againからはワークショップで使う沢山の衣服を提供していただきました。今回は12組の家族が参加予定です。(実は既に参加者が埋まってしまいました。すみません。)

Instruction for Kidsr-01a
Sutdio Kura Galleryにて展示予定です。

Workshop collaboration on 4 March 2012 Sunday



Art workshop by Justin Lee and Hirofumi

The art residency collaboration brings together the Fukuoka-Itoshima community to share
ideas and methods of art making, while also bringing benefit to the sub-urban resident
where they are based.

Artwork Description:

Day 1(4 March 2012, Sunday)

A set of dress-like canvas will be giving to the kids to collaborate with.
Kids from the age of 2 and above, and adults are also welcome to participate.
The collaboration will be based on creative thinking through using of color maker drawings,
paintings, fabric collage and other media. At the end of the collaboration, all participates will
get to see their art making through their personal touch of creativity.

The artworks will be install at Studio Kura from 10 March to 16 March 2012 for viewing.

Dress me up @Studio Kura
Art Canvas and recycle fabrics
Various Sizes

Instruction for Kidsr-01b

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